Collaboration Platform

Welcome to the PATH Collaboration Platform

If you are a logged-in member, you can access your profile and the forums through the links to the right (or below if via mobile). If you are new to PATH, keep reading to learn more about the platform. 

The PATH Collaboration Platform is designed to make it easier for Africa’s top analysts, researchers, and professionals to find each other, share knowledge and professional experience, and publish to a global audience. We do this through a series of forums and exchanges and a private professional network for our members, as well as through the media presence of the World Policy Institute and World Policy Journal.

Below, you will find a description of just some of the venues available to members. If you are interested in taking part in the collaboration platform you can apply to join the PATH community, here. Membership is completely free of charge, though members are vetted to ensure that they are serious about the meaningful and robust exchange of ideas.


The forums are a place for members our network to engage each other in discussion and collaboration. This could involve something as simple as bouncing ideas off of researchers in another region or field, discussing professional experiences, or developing long term collaborations and joint research projects.

Skills Exchange:

A platform where PATH members can both list and seek out opportunities for work or collaboration.