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#FeesMustFall 2.0

For the second year running, South African university students continued the Fees Must Fall movement, taking to the streets to voice their demand for the free, decolonized education their government promised them in the 1995 African National Congress (ANC) freedom…
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The Battle for Free Education in South Africa

By Ndumiso Daluxolo Ngidi The Youth Uprising South Africa recently witnessed 10 days of student-led protests that shut down tertiary institutes across the country. Only comparable to the 1976 Student Uprising, the #feesmustfall protests have arisen as the biggest act…
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Burundi: Two Hugs to Solve the Crisis?

By Roland Rugero The morning of Aug. 20, the phone buzzes and a message comes through Whatsapp: “The President will take his oath in a few minutes…” However, the day before, most credible sources had confirmed that the presidential inauguration…
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